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 General Information

Brief Description:

High-pressure brick-making machines of TITAN 80S series can be used as part of a large modular production line or for organizing mini-plants for the production of high-quality facing bricks, paving tiles, and briquetting of various materials.
Presses of TITAN 80S series have a relatively simple design that ensures machines’ high reliability.
The advanced control system guarantees very good accuracy and repeatability.
Titan 80S hydraulic brick making machines are the cheapest in our products range at the moment.
A brick machine of the TITAN ‘S series’ has an excellent price/performance ratio.
Titan 80S series is based on our previous model – Titan 80PPSH. The design of PPSH machines proved to be very successful and we managed to make it even more efficient in our new model.
At the moment we are producing two versions of TITAN 80S brick machines – TITAN 80S2 (for mobile brick plants) and TITAN 80S3 (higher performance model for stationary use). In technical terms, the differences between these models are not big: TITAN 80S2 has lower engine power (about 8 KW for TITAN 80S2 comparing with 15 KW for TITAN 80S3) and a less productive pump. We offer TITAN 80S2 for those customers who have limitations as for the electric supply capacity (normally when the brick machine is used as part of the mobile production line which shall be transported to different places).
In case a buyer needs an uncompromising speed of the brick machine, we recommend TITAN 80S3.
Presses of the ‘S series’ were designed as compact as possible in order to ensure the possibility of using them in modular plants, when a large number of presses is installed in one line.

TITAN brick machines’ advantages:

  • Simplicity. The mechanical design of the ‘TITAN S’ series brick machines is relatively simple, which facilitates maintenance and adjustment.
  • Reliability. The ‘TITAN S’ series high-pressure brick machines are designed with a high margin of safety. We use a robust frame of the jaw structure. Cases of the main cylinders are made using the most advanced and expensive technology at the present moment – solid forgings, which guarantees it from defects.
  • Functionality. High-pressure brick machines of the ‘TITAN S’ series are industry-specific and, as a result, optimal in their design. Presses are designed for the production of bricks and paving slabs with a size not exceeding 250 * 120 * 71 mm (up to 88 for some models).
  • Safety. The TITAN 80S presses have a large number of software protection locks. The operator does not need to put his hands inside the working press zone due to the thoughtfulness of the press design and its full automation.
  • Automation. Presses are controlled by the Schneider controller and provide a fully automatic mode of operation.
  • Energy efficiency. Our presses are equipped with an energy-efficient and quiet pump from Yuken.
  • High performance. The modification of the TITAN S3 press ensures the productivity of 900-1000 bricks per hour. TITAN S2 has slightly lower productivity – up to 500 bricks per hour. The speed of our new S-series presses often exceeds the speed of previous presses many times, which makes it possible to obtain a huge increase in productivity with relatively small investments.
  • High-pressing pressure.TITAN 80S brick press provides a large pressing pressure – about 84 tons per brick (competitors provide about 10-20 tons per 1 brick). This pressure can guarantee the strongest brick possible.
  • Accuracy. Presses of the ‘TITAN 80S’ series are equipped with very precise linear encoders, which brings the highest positioning accuracy.
  • Excellent quality of finished products. Bricks made by these brick machines are very accurate as for their geometry and they are very durable. We guarantee that the working pressure on our presses will not be less than 250-260 kg / cm2 of the product.
  • Innovations in design. There is a lot of innovations in TITAN 80S design which makes it a unique machine on the market.
  • Versatility. You can produce many kinds of bricks and blocks and pressing machine readjustment will take only a few minutes. 

Our Suppliers

We use components only from trusted suppliers!

  • Proportional Hydraulics – Hengli, Bosh-Rexroth, Parker;
  • Oil Pumps – PV series Yeoshe (Taiwan), Parker (Germany), Yuken (Japan);
  • Electrical Components – Schneider;
  • Power Supplies – Mean Well;
  • Linear Motion Sensors – Senspro;
  • Pressure Sensors – Wika;
  • HID Interface – Weinview;
  • Control System – based on Siemens controller;
  • Electric Motors – Siemens;
  • Piping – DIN 3865/DIN EN ISO 8434-4;
  • Hydraulic Valves – standard ISO 4401.

 Technical Specifications  – TITAN 80S

  • Main frame.

    Steel Plates.

  • Pressing.

    Single-action pressing using lower cylinder.

  • Pressing force.

    Up to 84 ton-force.

  • Oil pressure.

    Maximum pressure – 24 MPa

    Working pressure – 20 Mpa.

  • Cylinder’s diameter.

    200 mm.

  • Master cylinders’ design.

    The cylinder’s body is made of a solid forging.

  • Additional high-speed cylinders.

    Two high-speed cylinders.

    Cylinders participate in fast movements and in the pressing process.

  • Valves.

    Discrete directional.

  • Puncheons’ stroke.

    165 mm.

Brick making machine
  • Main oil pump.

    Axial piston pump.

  • Main pump capacity.

    40 l/min.

  • Main drive power.

    TITAN 80S2 – 8 KW

    TITAN 80S4 – 15 KW

  • Recycling time.

    TITAN 80S2 – starts from 7-10 seconds,

    TITAN 80S4 – starts from 3-5 seconds.

  • Control system.

    Siemens PLC-based, Weinview touchscreen.

  • Movements’ control.

    Magnetostrictive sensor (linear displacement sensor) with an accuracy of + -0.001%.

  • Production capacity.

    TITAN S2 = up to 450-500 bricks per hour,

    TITAN S4 = up to 900-1000 bricks per hour.

  • Pressing area.

    250×125 mm.

     *Press can have different modifications.

  • Optional feature.

    • Wear-resistant molds with the tungsten carbide lining.
  • Oil volume.

    270 liters.

  TITAN 80S – The Scope Of Application

Modular brick plants.

TITAN 80S brick making machines can be used as a part of modular lines for the production of bricks, tiles, etc. In this case, many presses are installed in a single production line. The main advantages of this concept are:

1.  With the expansion of production cost increases linearly.
2. Equipment maintenance is carried out without stopping the work.
3. Excellent value for money.
4. The best possible bricks’ quality.
5. Full automation is possible.

Solutions for small brick making plants.

Presses of the ‘TITAN 80S’ series are relatively cheap, but our customers do not have to sacrifice the productivity and quality of the finished products. Brick presses TITAN 80S are perfectly suitable for the organization of mini-plants and have the following advantages in this case:

  • Reliability.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Brick presses have a wide range of molds.
  • Titan 80S can guarantee the best quality of bricks and tiles.
  • High performance.
  • Full automation.
  • Relatively small investments.
  • There is an option for customers with a restriction on the allocated electric power.

Briquetting & Compacting Systems.

Machines of the ‘TITAN 80S’ series can be used as briquetting presses for different applications. You can utilize the unsurpassed speed and high pressures generated by them for shaping briquettes of various ore and nonmetallic materials (salt, etc.)

‘TITAN 80S’ Brick Machine Video.

 TITAN 80S Brick Machine Pictures

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