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Steam curing of concrete products. General provisions.

Formed on giperpressah bricks, blocks, curly paving elements (paving slabs), road and sidewalk curbs may be subject to steam treatment at high temperatures.

In order to accelerate the timing of achieving strength, reduction of production areas and reduce pallet park and so on. Molded articles are usually subjected to heat and humidity treatment.

Almost every type of concrete, depending on the materials used and how the optimal cooking time of preincubation before the heat treatment is assigned empirically.

Accelerated concrete hardening by steam treatment – it is a well-known method of obtaining high initial strength of concrete. Dann technology are especially useful for forming so-called brick and block giperpressovogo. The most common currently used technologies as follows:

  • steaming at atmospheric pressure;
  • treatment with warm water;
  • treatment with boiling water;
  • steaming at high pressure (autoclaving).
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Наша компания занимается разработкой камер тепловлажностной обработки изделий из бетона на базе различных технологических решений:

  1. Камеры ТВО с использованием электрических нагревателей.
  2. Камеры ТВО с использованием твердотопливных парогенераторов.
  3. Камеры ТВО с использованием газовых парогенераторов.
  4. Камеры ТВО с использованием пиролизных парогенераторов.
  5. Камеры ТВО с использованием жидкого топлива.


The choice of solutions for concrete steaming (TVO) depends on the availability and cost of a particular type of fuel.

The simplest and most flexible is a solution based on electric heaters, but the cost of electricity in certain regions does not allow taking full advantage of its benefits. In the version with electric heater (TEN) can be very accurately adjust the temperature in the chamber. Instead, a pair of sources used tumanogeneratory that provide spraying required amount of water to a certain extent. air flows through fan arranged calculated and special software based on the presence in the room walls and other obstacles. automatic temperature and humidity control system allows precisely enough to maintain optimal temperature charts.

In the case of other cheap fuel, it makes sense to use it, even if the initial investment in equipment are high enough.

Typical heat and humidity treatment cycle (steaming concrete) includes:

Preheating ( “deferred period”) (2-5 hours).
Heat ( “temperature rise”) – a smooth temperature set at a speed of 22-44 degrees per hour.
Stage maintain maximum temperature – 50-82 ° C.
Step smooth decrease temperature ( “cooling”).
General heat and humidity treatment cycle (TVO steaming or concrete) can

comprise from 12 to 18 hours (in some cases, the cycle can be shortened to 2-3 hours at the set strength to the so-called “transport strength”).