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Adaptive works for automation of production process on the basis of TITAN equipment.

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Robotic stacker for brick machine
Robotic manipulator for brick machine
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In the production of bricks, blocks and paving slabs, use of equipment and mechanisms that reduce manual labor and consequent problems, becomes very topical.

To solve the problems of taking off the finished products after molding, of shifting the products from technological to transport pallets, and for the intrashop transport, we use TITAN manipulators.

TITAN ZORG stackers allow to place finished products on pallets with great accuracy, guaranteeing the safety of facets and edges, that is very important for facing materials.

TITAN output robots based on industrial robots give an opportunity to solve problems of taking off and reloading of the finished products with maximum possible flexibility.

Working speed of each stacker depends directly on its size and on the weight of the load it is designed to process.

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Palletizing of products

TITAN hyperpresses ensure high speed of moulding. For the avoidance of pressed final products take-off "bottle neck", we recommend to employ gantry manipulators and TITAN industrial robots.

Shifting of products from technological to transport pallets

In the course of production, the most optimal usually is primary placing of final products onto metal technological pallet or wagon for transportation to hardening (ripening) area. After the ripening, it is necessary to shift the products from technological pallet to transportation pallet. For saving the efforts and costs, various types of cubers should be convenient.

Intrashop transport systems

Our company develops intrashop transport systems for silicate articles, roasted bricks and facing bricks hyperpressing production. Intrashop transport systems ensure transportation of final products by means of special wagons, carts etc.

Processing workpiece feed systems

Bricks, construction blocks, tiles and paving slabs are usually subjected to decoration processing to beautify their appearance. To increase the productivity of cleavers, tumbling machines, polishing plants etc., automation is needed and is ensured by TITAN manipulators.