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Titan 900S – the most powerful silica-sand brick machine.

After several years of research and development, our company finished work on the brand-new silica-sand brick machine.

Titan 900S series of silica-sand brick machines can produce up to 10,000 nominal bricks per hour*. It utilizes absolutely new hydraulic closed hydraulic system based on electrically controlled and energy-efficient Parker oil pump, Siemens electric motor, Siemens control system, and Schneider electric systems.

We are proud of this new machine due to the many innovations we used. It has a high-precision and a very efficient servomotor drive for materials feeding. By special order, we supply our machines with the tungsten carbide inserts for the mold and some most important wearing parts.

All of this gives our clients a much better quality for a reasonable price.

Project Details


August 7, 2020


Titan Machinery


Titan Machinery

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Silica sand brick machine

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