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Experience the lightning-fast speed of the Titan 240S – the fastest paving tile making machine on the market!

Our company has recently completed the design of a new pressing machine for tile manufacturing. High-pressure tile making machines are known for their advantages such as producing high-quality paving tiles with extremely high compaction force, resulting in higher density compared to conventional vibration tile making machines. However, the drawback has been the relatively lower production capacity due to limitations in the design of high-pressure tile making machines.

To address this limitation, Titan Machinery has taken an unorthodox approach to the design and developed a new high-pressure tile-making machine from scratch. The result is the Titan 240S tile making machine, which has a recycling cycle time as low as five seconds* and can produce two-layer colored paving tiles almost without increasing recycling time. Additionally, the machine can also be used for brick making.

We are proud to offer this new technology to our clients, which combines the advantages of high-pressure tile making machines with a higher production capacity. We believe that our clients will appreciate the improved productivity and efficiency of this new machine, while still maintaining the high quality of the tiles produced.

At Titan Machinery, we are committed to continuously improving our products and services to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our focus on innovation and quality ensures that we remain a leader in the tile and brick making industry.

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December 7, 2019


Titan Machinery


Titan Machinery

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Paving brick machine
Paving brick machine

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