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Titan 40S – mobile brick making machine

Titan 40S was developed by our company after many requests from our client’s side. Our clients were saying that in many cases they were forced to transport building materials for many thousands of miles and that transportation costs were really exorbitant. Several times we started work on this project, but due to some technical limitations, we were unable to finish it. It is not that simple to produce a truly mobile brick making machine, which can be transported by a lite pickup truck. Our competitors produce brick machines with a really small compaction force – about 10 ton-force only, which is not enough for a good quality of compaction for the bricks and paving tiles. Finally, we solved most of the problems and developed the first mobile high-pressure brick making machine, which can be easily hauled due it weighs only about two tons. Our mobile brick machine doesn’t need a connection to the electrical grid and it is directly driven by a diesel engine. Titan 40S machine works in a fully-automatic mode and has advanced PLC control of closed-loop algorithms for the constant automatic monitoring of the bricks’ height. We use a rational design where the main pressing machine combined with the mixing unit.

At the present moment, we are working on the mobile raw materials preparation unit which can work together with our mobile brick making machine.

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May 7, 2020


Titan Machinery


Titan Machinery

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