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Titan 40S – mobile brick making machine

After receiving numerous requests from clients who faced exorbitant transportation costs, our company developed the Titan 40S mobile high-pressure brick making machine. This machine is truly mobile and can be transported by a lightweight pickup truck as it weighs only about two tons. Unlike our competitors who produce brick machines with a small compaction force of only about 10 ton-force, we have developed a machine that provides a good quality of compaction for bricks and paving tiles.

The Titan 40S machine is powered by a diesel engine and doesn’t need to be connected to the electrical grid. It works in a fully-automatic mode and features advanced PLC control of closed-loop algorithms that constantly monitor the bricks’ height. The machine also has a rational design where the main pressing machine is combined with the mixing unit.

Currently, we are also working on a mobile raw materials preparation unit that will work in conjunction with our mobile brick making machine.

In summary, the Titan 40S is a breakthrough innovation in mobile brick making technology. It offers a high-pressure compaction force, is easy to transport, and operates in a fully-automatic mode. We are committed to continuously improving our products to meet the needs of our clients and provide them with high-quality solutions at a reasonable cost.

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May 7, 2020


Titan Machinery


Titan Machinery

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