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Titan iM Intensive Mixers

Intensive mixers are designed to provide high levels of energy to the mix during the homogenization process, which makes them different from other types of mixers. They are capable of cracking agglomerates formed from the components, resulting in high-quality mixtures. These mixers work best with small aggregates and powder homogenization, making them ideal for mixing pigments and other small additives.

The Titan intensive mixers have several advanced features, including tungsten carbide lining, rotation speed adjustment, and the ability to store multiple mixing programs in the PLC’s memory. The longer distances in which particles travel relative to each other ensure that the mix quality is of the highest standard.

In summary, intensive mixers are a type of mixer that is capable of delivering high levels of energy to the mix during the homogenization process. This results in high-quality mixtures that are suitable for various industries. The Titan intensive mixers have advanced features that enhance their performance, making them a popular choice for businesses that require high-quality mixing solutions.

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June 23, 2020


Titan Machinery


Titan Machinery

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