Tactile tile making machine

Tactile Tile Production: Harnessing the Power of Press-Filter Technology for Premium Quality In today's evolving urban landscapes, there's a growing emphasis on creating inclusive environments that cater to all individuals, including those with visual impairments. A critical component of such inclusivity is the tactile tile, often referred to as Braille tiles. These are specialized floor

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Fast double-action brick machine TITAN 80D

Introducing the New TITAN 80D Brick Machine: Faster, Efficient, and Unbeatably Priced! In an ever-evolving world of construction, speed and efficiency remain paramount. Staying ahead of the curve means leveraging technology to boost productivity without compromising on quality. Enter the TITAN 80D, our latest offering that is set to revolutionize the brick production landscape! A

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Surface processing

# Photo Machine type for pressing Dimensions, mm Processing types Additional equipment to buy Raw materials 1 TITAN 240DH, TITAN 240D 250x120x65 No surface processing No need, but there is an additional mold is needed. Incorporating sedimentary soft rocks such as dolomite, sandstone, and limestone, with particle sizes ranging from 0 to 3 mm,

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MOLDS WEAR AND ITS ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES GLOSSARY WEAR The removal of material from surfaces in contact and in relative movement. FRICTION The force generated between two surfaces in contact and in relative motion. ABRASION The process of material removal from loose particles or asperities on an opposing surface that are moving against the abraded surface.

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Inorganic Pigment Dosing System with High-Precision TITAN SPD

Inorganic Pigment Dosing System with High-Precision TITAN SPD: Elevating Quality in Concrete Mixing When it comes to producing top-quality concrete and other mixtures, precision is paramount. The color, consistency, and overall quality of concrete are vital factors in numerous construction applications, from architectural designs to structural projects. Achieving the desired color and texture relies heavily

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Green Hydrogen as a Fuel for Green Cement Production

The world is currently facing several crises, including environmental problems. Several years ago, the European Union initiated the implementation of an ambitious program called the "green energy transition" (reference: https://energy.ec.europa.eu/topics/energy-systems-integration/hydrogen_en). The main objective of this program is to find ways to store energy generated from solar and wind sources for subsequent use. Hydrogen is

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New updated TITAN 240S brick and tile making machine

Our company modified our TITAN 240S machine using servomotor drives for feeding box, new raw materials feeding system, new hydraulic system and better HMI. TITAN 240SH machine can now produce blocks with the height up to 200 mm (standard model TITAN 24OS can produce blocks with 140 mm height). We are using our new patented

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Abrasive raw materials and tungsten carbide lining for mold

During production line inspection our specialist also found the following potential problems: The raw materials used are highly abrasive and we recommend to use tungsten carbide inserts for guarantee mold's lifetime of 1-2 million pressing cycles before inserts repair or change. We think that mold design used shall be changed to dismountable with the

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The production of bricks and blocks from tunnel boring waste

The production of bricks and blocks from tunnel boring waste is an innovative solution that can reduce the environmental impact of construction projects while providing a valuable resource for the construction industry. Tunnel boring waste, also known as spoil, is the material that is excavated during the construction of tunnels using a tunnel boring machine

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Raw materials sticking problem

Raw materials sticking is a common problem that can occur in various manufacturing processes such as in the production of bricks, blocks, and paving tiles. It happens when the materials used in the process stick to the equipment surfaces and cannot be easily removed, causing delays, production downtime, and reduced efficiency. One solution to this

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