Abrasive raw materials and tungsten carbide lining for mold

During production line inspection our specialist also found the following potential problems: The raw materials used are highly abrasive and we recommend to use tungsten carbide inserts for guarantee mold's lifetime of 1-2 million pressing cycles before inserts repair or change. We think that mold design used shall be changed to dismountable with the

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The production of bricks and blocks from tunnel boring waste

The production of bricks and blocks from tunnel boring waste is an innovative solution that can reduce the environmental impact of construction projects while providing a valuable resource for the construction industry. Tunnel boring waste, also known as spoil, is the material that is excavated during the construction of tunnels using a tunnel boring machine

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Raw materials sticking problem

Raw materials sticking is a common problem that can occur in various manufacturing processes such as in the production of bricks, blocks, and paving tiles. It happens when the materials used in the process stick to the equipment surfaces and cannot be easily removed, causing delays, production downtime, and reduced efficiency. One solution to this

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Raw materials distribution system

An aggregate raw materials distribution system refers to the processes and infrastructure involved in the transportation and delivery of raw materials from various sources to a central location or multiple destinations. This system is often used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and mining, where large quantities of raw materials need to be transported efficiently

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Titan intensive mixers

A Titan intensive mixer is a type of mixer that is designed to combine and homogenize different types of materials, such as powders, granules, and liquids, into a uniform mixture. The mixer uses a unique mixing principle that involves the movement of materials in multiple directions, resulting in a thorough mixing of the components. Titan

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Autoclaves and transporting system for sand-lime brick production lines

Sand-lime brick technology involves the production of bricks by mixing sand, fly ash, lime, and water, and then subjecting the mixture to high-pressure steam curing. This process results in strong, durable, and fire-resistant bricks that can be used in various construction applications. Sand-lime brick technology is an alternative to traditional clay brick production and is

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Equipment shipment for firebrick recycling project in Hungary

Firebrick waste recycling refers to the process of reusing or repurposing discarded or unused firebrick material, which is commonly generated during the manufacturing or use of refractory bricks in high-temperature applications. This can involve various techniques such as crushing and grinding the waste material to produce aggregate for use in construction, or melting down the

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New 2020 model year sand-silica brick and block making machines

In the new 2020 model year, our company launches a new series of presses for sand-lime brick production. The product line will include both single-action high-performance presses of the ‘TITAN S’ series and updated presses of the ‘TITAN D’ series. We consider as the most significant event launching of a completely new TITAN 900S

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