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New 2020 model year sand-silica brick and block making machines

In the new 2020 model year, our company launches a new series of presses for sand-lime brick production. The product line will include both single-action high-performance presses of the ‘TITAN S’ series and updated presses of the ‘TITAN D’

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High pressure brick making machine – TITAN 80-720 PPSH

Hello guys! Today I am going to tell you about our latest high pressure brick making machine – TITAN 80 PPSH and in particular about its modification – TITAN 80-720 PPSH model. I wanted to ask your opinion about what

Roller crusher for raw materials preparation for concrete brick production.

c.t.s. Manzhurin I.P., Sidorina E.A., Medvedeva I.E.,Dostayeva A.M.   Karaganda State Technical University, Kazakhstan   CALCULATION OF KEY PARAMETERS ROLLER OF THE CRUSHER Roller mills are used for small and medium crushing of coal, ore, limestone and other materials. Roller

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