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 General Information

Brief Description:

Minipress mobile brick machine is a fully autonomous unit that can be either trailer-based or platform-based and it can be easily transported to almost any place. The standard mobile brick machine uses a fuel-efficient diesel engine without any connection to the electric grid. On special request, we can assemble a brick and tile making unit with an electric motor. Diesel-driven brick-making machines can be used for producing bricks and tiles virtually at any place without relying on the electric grid. The main brick machine has a proven and relatively simple design combined with advanced computer control. Hydraulic drive is based on a reliable and energy-saving variable capacity axial piston pump. Our Hydraulic brick machine has an advanced closed-loop control system for the raw materials feeding height control and a user-friendly touch screen graphic interface readily translated into several languages.

Mobile brick and tile making press ‘MINIPRES 40S’ can be used for the production of a wide variety of products:

  • Concrete facing bricks;
  • Concrete wall bricks;
  • Compressed earth bricks;
  • Paving tiles;
  • Other products within 250x125x65 mm.

High-pressure brick machines of ‘Minipress 40S’ series have advanced fully-automatic PLC-based control systems, energy-efficient variable displacement oil pumps, reliable hydraulic components, and linear position sensors. All of the above-mentioned features can guarantee the best reliability and position control accuracy

TITAN brick machines’ advantages:

  • The pressing force of the MINIPRESS 40S brick machine can be as high as 40 ton-force per one brick.  This mobile brick press can be used not only for the compressed earth bricks production but also for much less compressible materials like crushed stone and stone screenings mixture with sand.
  • Great mobility for this unit can be used for its delivery next to local raw materials or to the construction sire which both drastically reduces transportation costs.
  • There is no need in getting building permits from the local government.
  • Our mobile brick press has a relatively small weight and due to this, it can be transported by air which reduces the response time in case of natural disasters and makes it possible to use for building military barracks.
  • The use of high-pressure during the compaction process makes it possible to stack ‘green bricks’ directly in several layers.
  • The use of automatic closed-loop control for the feeding height control vastly improves bricks uniformity and quality.
  • It is possible to change the feeding height in one mold which in turn makes it possible to produce bricks/tiles with different height by simple adjustment.
  • The use of diesel engines with a direct connection to the hydraulic unit vastly increases the overall Efficiency Coefficient and reduces the fuel consumption on per brick count.
  • Our machines can work in countries with hot weather due to having an effective cooling system.
  • We use variable-displacement axial piston pumps which makes it possible to reduce the drive power and oil heating.
  • Innovations in design. There is a lot of innovations in MINIPRESS 40S design which makes it a unique machine on the market.
  • Versatility. You can produce many kinds of bricks and blocks and pressing machine readjustment will take only a few minutes. 

Our Suppliers

We use components only from trusted suppliers!

  • Proportional Hydraulics – Hengli, Bosh-Rexroth, Parker;
  • Oil Pumps – PV series Yeoshe (Taiwan), Parker (Germany), Yuken (Japan);
  • Electrical Components – Schneider;
  • Power Supplies – Mean Well;
  • Linear Motion Sensors – Senspro;
  • Pressure Sensors – Wika;
  • HID Interface – Weinview;
  • Control System – based on Siemens controller;
  • Electric Motors – Siemens;
  • Piping – DIN 3865/DIN EN ISO 8434-4;
  • Hydraulic Valves – standard ISO 4401.

 Technical Specifications  – MINIPRESS 40S

  • Main frame.


  • Overall dimensions.

    2655 mm (length) х 1317 mm (width) х 2745 mm (height)

    *without trailer.

  • Pressing.

    Single-action pressing using lower cylinder.

  • Pressing force.

    Up to 40 ton-force.

  • Oil pressure.

    Peak – 31,5 MPa

    Max – 25 MPa

    Nominal – 18 MPa

  • Cylinder’s diameter.

    125 mm.

  • Hydraulic cylinders’ design.

    Detachable design.

  • Puncheons’ stroke.

    180 mm.

  • Valves.

    Discrete directional.

Minipress brick machine
  • Main oil pump.

    Variable displacement axial piston pump.

  • Main pump capacity.

    41 l/min.

  • Drive power.

    9 KW.

  • Recycling time.

    from 12-15 sec.

  • Control system.

    PLC-based with touchscreen.

  • Movements’ control.

    Linear position sensors.

  • Production capacity.

    up to 380 brick/hour.

  • Pressing area.

    250×125 mm.

     *Press can have different modifications.

  • Optional feature.

    • Wear-resistant molds with the tungsten carbide lining.
  • Oil volume.

    100 liters.

  MINIPRESS 40S – The Scope Of Application

Trailer-based mobile brick making production line.

Trailer-based mobile MINIPRESS 40S brick making machines can guarantee maximal mobility. Brick machines can be easily transported using typical light trucks and converted from transportation into working mode and back. In case this machine is used next to raw materials and water sources only Portland cement shall be delivered.

Platform-based mobile brick making production line.

Platform-based MINIPRESS 40S brick machines can be easily loaded onto the light crane base or you can use a normal forklift for the same purpose.

After delivery to the working place, you will need only local raw materials, water, and Portland cement.

‘MINIPRESS 40S’ Brick Machine Video.

 MINIPRESS 40S Brick Machine Pictures

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