Do You Have A Project Related To Moisture Measurement?

General information

Microwave moisture sensor – brief description:

Our company has designed several options for microwave moisture sensors or microwave moisture meters. Our new series of microwave moisture sensors is called TITAN TMS.

TITAN TMS microwave moisture sensors are designed to measure moisture content in various environments in the range from 0 to 20 percent of moisture (measurements in environments with moisture content above 20% will be less accurate).

Microwave moisture meters produced by our company have a high accuracy of moisture measurement. The hardware accuracy is + -0.1%, the actual accuracy considering peaks and averaging is + -1%.

Microwave moisture sensors are available in several versions:

  • for installation in the mixer body;
  • for installation above the conveyor;
  • for installation in a silo or bin;

At the moment our company is developing sensors that can be installed between the mixer blades as well as a wireless version for installation in a car concrete mixer.

High-tech solutions:

Microwave moisture sensors have a microwave receiver and transmitter (emitter and receiver). In some microwave sensors, the transmitter and receiver are located far away from each other. However, in order to ensure compactness and provide a possibility of the moisture meter installation in the mixer body or straight into bins (silo), we have developed a microwave humidity sensor, which has both a receiver and an emitter in one body, which is covered with a radiotransparent material. Considering the fact the radiotransparent material is constantly contacting with the environment, which is usually quite abrasive, we have developed special types of very strong and wear-resistant ceramics, which are radiotransparent enough.

Advantages of the TITAN TMC microwave moisture sensor:

  • Microwave moisture sensors allow one to achieve the optimal water-to-cement ratio. Simply put, microwave moisture meters save cement.
  • When installed straight in bins (silo), microwave moisture meters allow you to precisely find out the weight of the inert component not considering the water already contained in the material. Knowing the actual material weight allows you to correct its supply to the mixer in online mode.
  • Microwave moisture sensors allow you to register the end of the stage of components’ homogenization in the mixer, which reduces the mixing time.

Applications of microwave moisture meters

  • Concretes.

    Microwave moisture meters for measuring the moisture content of ready-mixed and low-slump concrete.

  • Sand.

    Microwave moisture sensors for measuring moisture content in sand.

  • Chippings.

    Microwave moisture sensors for measuring the moisture content of chippings.

Microwave moisture sensor
  • Bricks.

    Microwave moisture sensors for measuring the moisture content of clay in the production of ceramic bricks.

  • Mineral powder.

    Microwave moisture sensors for measuring the moisture content of mineral powders.

  • Asphalt.

    Moisture control during asphalt production with the help of microwave moisture meters.

Technology and innovation during the production of microwave moisture meters

Radiotransparent ceramics.

The contact area of ​​the microwave sensor is made of impact-resistant ceramics, which operate for a long time in an aggressive abrasive environment.

Accuracy of measurements.

A powerful AD converter and high speed of signal processing ensure the high accuracy of the microwave moisture meter.


Due to the design, one can install a sensor in almost any unit or container in which measurements have to be taken.


The TITAN MC microwave moisture sensor has a universal interface and the option of connecting to both industrial and personal computers.

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Appearance of the TITAN TMS microwave humidity sensor

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