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Intensive mixers:

The TITAN series intensive mixers stand as the vanguard within TITAN MACHINERY’s spectrum of mixing equipment, setting the standard for mixing precision and quality.

These intensive mixers represent a class of formidable machinery, driven by a principle rooted in the rapid rotation of blades. The orchestrated convergence of the mixture towards the high-velocity blades is orchestrated through the ingress flow, meticulously sculpted by the revolving pan. Governing the course of the mixture flow, purpose-built plows not only channel the flow but also diligently cleanse the contours of the mixing pan. The egress of the mixture is orchestrated through a central discharge orifice, empowered by an independent drive system.

The TITAN Intensive mixer boasts the possibility of integration with a cermet (tungsten carbide) lining*. This integral feature bestows prolonged operational resilience even in the face of the most abrasive raw materials, thus withstanding the harshest operational conditions. The vessel’s interior surface can be sheathed in a variety of steel types or other specialized materials.

Our portfolio encompasses intensive mixers in an expansive range of standardized dimensions. Moreover, we have pioneered bespoke variants of intensive mixers tailored to specific demands, catering to scenarios such as mixing hazardous compositions, among others, where special considerations apply.

Distinguished by their superlative homogenization capabilities, intensive mixers consistently yield an unparalleled level of mixing precision.

Titan Intensive Mixers were designed to cater to a diverse array of tasks, spanning from raw material preparation to blending and compounding.

The mixers’ capacity to be configured with various machine components and their adaptable energy input range ensures consistent attainment of the highest level of efficiency.

Central to a Titan Mixer are three fundamental elements, which can be customized to suit the particular demands of the corresponding mixing assignment:

1.A mixing tool positioned eccentrically – its design, rotational direction, and speed are adjusted for each individual application.

2.Wall and bottom scraper: Offers supplementary blending, hinders material accumulation on the surfaces, and facilitates the emptying procedure.

3.The revolving mixing pan, responsible for guiding the mixture into the trajectory of the mixing tool.

Titan Intensive Mixers offer design flexibility based on two distinct flow principles. The tool can operate either in tandem with the rotation of the mixing pan or in a counter-rotating manner. This level of design versatility ensures optimal mixing outcomes and efficient preparation.

Intensive mixing:

Intensive mixing stands as a sophisticated process essential for achieving the complete homogenization of mixtures, orchestrated through the judicious transmission of substantial kinetic energy via the rapid rotation of the mixer’s blades. Within this intricate interplay, the individual particles undergoing amalgamation undergo the disruption of interparticulate bonds and the disintegration of conglomerates, commonly referred to as lumps. The culmination of this meticulous process often leads to a state of near-particle obliteration, resembling a form of controlled comminution.

The architecture of intensive mixers positions them at an intriguing juncture between conventional comminution devices like crushers and mills. This positioning stems from their profound ability to meticulously blend while also facilitating a degree of controlled particle size reduction akin to milling. The corollary of such comprehensive mixing manifests in the uniform dispersion of even the most minute additives within the matrix. This propensity becomes particularly pronounced in scenarios where the incorporation of finely dispersed adjuncts such as pigments or modifying agents is paramount.

Notably adept in the manipulation of dry and semi-dry compositions, intensive mixers demonstrate remarkable prowess in the granulation of diverse materials. Facilitating this intricate process, select intensive mixers are endowed with variable-frequency drives, which offer the granular ability to regulate the rotational speed of transfer shafts and connection shafts. Consequently, this regulation precipitates the modulation of the linear velocity at the extremities of the blades. The linear velocity, a determinant of energy transference to the constituent particles, is an intricate outcome of both shaft speed and the circumferential diameter traced by the blades’ trajectory.

The dynamic prowess of an intensive mixer, as gauged through its drive power, is a compound function intertwined with several defining factors:

  1. Quantity of the mixture ensconced within the pan.
  2. Adhesive characteristics inherent to the mixture.
  3. Quantity of blades orchestrating the mixing.
  4. Morphology and surface configuration of the blades.
  5. Diameter of the rotational trajectory traced by the blades.

Ultimately, intensive mixers emerge as a pivotal nexus where material science, kinetics, and precise engineering harmonize to orchestrate impeccable mixing and controlled particulate transformation.



Benefits of the Titan mixing philosophy:

  • Perfect homogenization of almost any mixtures;
  • Swift blending durations and utmost mixture uniformity;
  • Complete material agitation during each rotation of the mixing pan;
  • Elimination of demixing, even when varying density ingredients are employed;
  • Hybrid mixing techniques due to adaptable rotor and mixing pan drives;
  • Economical operation and elevated mixing efficacy resulting in minimal energy consumption, making it environmentally sustainable and reducing component wear;
  • Dependable replication of product quality and batch durations.

Varieties of Our Intensive Mixers:

TITAN iMR Series

Intensive mixer R type

TITAN Mixer with an Inclined Mixing Pan Configuration

For mixing, granulating, plasticizing, kneading, and coating processes.


Concrete, ceramics, refractory materials, foundries, fertilizers, and more.


Intensive mixer iMWT

The Titan Mixer with tilting mixing pan (T) and openable pan cover (W)

For efficient and simple cleaning of the mixing pan interior and tools.


Fertilizers, lithium-ion compounds, welding powder, graphite compounds, concrete, and many more

TITAN iMH Series

Intensive mixer iMW

Titan iMH with horizontally oriented mixing pan

Designed for producing liquid, paste-like, or highly viscous products.


Suitable for dispersing tasks, ceramic slips, slurries (such as Li-ion compounds), sealing compounds, ready-to-use plaster, and more.

Our powerful range of TITAN mixing units


Capacity Mode of operation Operating modes
  Litres kgs max Batch operation Continuous Standard atmospheric pressure Under vacuum
TITAN iMR 5 3-5 8    
TITAN iMR 08 75 120    
TITAN iMR 08 W 75 120    
TITAN iMR 08 V 75 120  
TITAN iMR 09 150 240    
TITAN iMR 09 V 150 240  
TITAN iMR 09 T 150 240    
TITAN iMR 11 V 250 400  
TITAN iMR V 11 V 375 600  
TITAN iMR 12 250 400  
TITAN iMR V 12 400-500 800  
TITAN iMR 12 W 250 400    
TITAN iMR V 12 W 400-500 650    
TITAN iMR LV 12 W 400-500 650    
TITAN iMR LV 12 V 400-500 650  
TITAN iMR 15 V 500 800  
TITAN iMR V 15 V 750 1200  
TITAN iMR 16 600 960  
TITAN iMR V16 900 1440  
TITAN iMR 16 W 600 960    
TITAN iMR V16W 900 1440    
TITAN iMR LV16 900 1440    
TITAN iMR 19 1125 1800  
TITAN iMR V19 1500 2400  
TITAN iMD 23 1500-3000 2400-4800    
TITAN iMR V23 V 3000 4800  
TITAN iMR 24 2250 3600  
TITAN iMR V24 3000 4800  
TITAN iMR LV24 3000 4800    
TITAN iMR 28 4000-5500 6400-8800  
TITAN iMR 32 V 5250 8400  
TITAN iMRV 32 V 7000 11200  
TITAN iMR 33 6000-8000 9600-12800  
TITAN iMD W40 12000 19200    

TITAN iM Intensive Mixers Technical Data

  • Production capacity.

    Depending on modification from 10 to 200  tons/hour.

  • Mixing Type.

    Intensive mixing with high-speed and high-power blades with a separate drive for pan and adjustable cleaning plows.

  • Action type.

    Cyclic batch or Continuous intensive mixing. 

  • Loading.

    Skip loader or loading bin on top of the mixer. 

  • Cement scales.

    Cement scales for cement dosing. 

  • Mixer’s frame.

    Rigid welded frame with optional support frame. 

Titan intensive mixers
  • Rotor drive.

    26 – 250 kW

  • Mechanical activation.

    Mechanical activation of raw materials during the mixing process. 

  • Mix workability.

    Better ready mix workability for better loading into the mold.

  • Pigment dosing.

    Optionally supplied with pigment dosing unit.

  • Moisture control.

    We propose the optional installation of the microwave moisture control sensors.

  • Automation.

    Optionally can be supplied with Siemens PLC fully compatible for integration into the SCADA system.



TITAN iM intensive mixers are widely used for fine powder distribution in big batches with astonishing results. Intensive mixers can effectively distribute even small amounts of powders in almost any batch. 


Best result during dispercing tasks completion. 

Raw materials with high content of SiO2.

Intensive mixers and mechanical activation mixers can be used for mixing highly abrasive raw materials.

Silica-sand mix.

Intensive mixers are very successful in mixing raw materials for silica-sand technology. 

Ceramic powders granulation.

Intensive mixers of TITAN iM series can be used for ceramic presses powders mixing and granulation. 

Mixing of raw materials for firebricks.

Intensive mixers can prepare very good mixes for firebrick technology. 

Soft (sedimentary rocks).

Intensive mixers can be used for mixing sedimentary rocks are raw materials for concrete bricks, blocks, and tiles. While used there is a big economical effect and cement saving.


TITAN iM intensive mixers are widely used for fine powder distribution in big batches with astonishing results. Intensive mixers can effectively distribute even small amounts of powders in almost any batch. 

Intensive mixer video

TITAN iM intensive mixer pictures

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