"Titan Hyperpress" - High Pressure Brick and Block Making Machines.

Our company develops and produces equipment for concrete bricks manufacturing (brick making machines) using extremely high pressures. This method is also called – “hyperpressing”. Brick presses which use this technology are called “hyperpresses”. We propose you wide range of hyperpresses for different applications which includes manufacturing of the: high quality facade bricks, split bricks, facade concrete tiles, concrete paving bricks, e.t.c. TITAN MACHINERY has sub-brand “TITAN HYPERPRESS”, under which we produce such an equipment.

We are proposing complete range of equipment starting from mini brick making machines and small-scale brick making plants and finishing large-scale brick making machines with full automation (automatic brick stackers, automatic batching and mixing equipment).

More details about "TITAN HYPERPRESS" brick making machines:

Small high pressure brick making machine

Mini brick making machines for facade bricks and lego-bricks production.

Hydraulic pressing machine

High pressure brick making machines with big capacities.

Modular brick making machines

Modular type high pressure concrete brick making machines.

Robotic Arm

Material preparation and automation equipment.

Waste Stone Recycling

Raw materials for the Titan Hyperpress technology.

Concrete Brick Making Machine

Titan Hyperpress technology description.

What we call hyperpressing?

Hyperpressing — this is technology of production chemically bonded bricks without heat processing and autoclaving. This technology implements using compaction with extremely high pressures and adding binding materials (portland cement or other kinds of cement).

Hyperpressing is based on binding of the crushed stone (mainly stone waste from sedimentary rocks) during compaction with small amount (up to 10%) of the cement and water.

Main raw material (in up to 90% of all cases) is stone waste – screening of the crushed stone from limestone rocks:

  • shell rock;
  • dolomite;
  • travertine;
  • marble;

There can also be used screenings of the different soft rocks with some other materials.

In contrary to ceramic bricks, clay is not used in this technology and formed brick is not dried and burned.

If we compare this technology to autoclaved sand-lime technology – there is no need expensive autoclaves and raw materials do not usually include sand and quick lime.

Advantages of the Hyperpressing Technology:

  • Low energy consumption due to there is no need in thermal processing (drying, burning or high pressure steam processing). Decreasing overall energy consumption results in “greener” bricks and lower electric bills.
  • “Zero waste technology” – all raw materials are converted into bricks and blocks and all waste which can be generated during production process is salvaged. During manufacturing process no waste is generated:  no liquid waste, no solid waste, no gaseous waste.
  • Hyperpressing allows to use different kinds of industrial (mining) waste which is converted into high quality building material with up to 90% content of such an waste.
  • Much lower investments in equipment and maintenance.
  • Superb quality of the ready products which exceeds the most strictest national and international standards.

Technology Description:

Titan Hyperpress is a worldwide trademark that commercializes equipment for the production of elite building materials using an ecologically clean, highly profitable technology of pressing with ultra-high pressure. This technology, called “hyperpressing“, is well known in different countries of the world, such as:

  • China;
  • The Russian Federation;
  • Ukraine;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Belarus;
  • Spain;
  • The United Arab Emirates and others.

It received State Standards in Russia and in all the countries of the former USSR. The continuous development of this technology has led our company to the method of pressing with mutual approaching rams, called double-pressing, which allows us to produce a higher quality brick with an increased precision, more consistent dimensions, widening the range of the geometric forms of our building materials.

Our technology is remarkable because through this innovative technique new building materials of high quality and perfect aesthetics are produced from accessible carbonate raw materials (screenings of quarries: limestone, dolomite, marl, marble and others), adding small quantities of cement, pigment and water (without firing, vibrations or adhesives). Hyperpressed building materials are materials with frames and chamfers along the entire face perimeter: facing bricks, decorative rock face veneers, sidewalk and road paving materials and anti-seismic bricks.

Some of the characteristics of hyprepressed bricks are:

1. Wide range of colors, with pressed paper texture (raw material and pigment)

2. Strong mechanical resistance (200 to 750 kg/cm²);

3. High frost and erosion resistance (150 to 500 cycles FR);

4. There are no limitations as to the number of stories in the buildings with abutments;

5. No limitations as to the usage in different climatic zones;

6. Adhesion to the mortar is 70% higher, than, that of the ceramic building materials;

7. Bricks have high precision and constancy of the face dimensions – within 0,3mm;

8. All the materials have decorative chamfers and frame along the entire face perimeter.

These materials decorate the facades of thousands of elite buildings in different parts of the world.

Short Description of our High Pressure Brick Making Machines.

Our company produces high pressure brick making machines of different designs and production capacity. You can find the best variant for your application and budget.

“TITAN PPSH” – High Pressure Brick Making Machines Series.

High pressure brick making machines or the TITAN PPSH series are one of the most reliable machines on the market due to theirs simple yet sophisticated design. Our company’d specialized in the developing big pressing machines but due to changing demands in developing countries markets we developed these simple and high quality pressing machines.

“TITAN DHEX” – High Pressure Brick Making Machines Series.

High pressure brick making machines of TITAN DHEX series developed using pressing with mutual approaching rams design, or, another words, so called “double-pressing”. Such a double-pressing machines are the best choice when you want to produce hollow bricks and they especially highly recommended for manufacturing of big-size hollow blocks (lego-bricks and blocks). Pressing with mutual approaching rams guarantees the best and most uniform compaction ratio on the market.

All of our double-pressing brick making machine of the TITAN DHEX series can easily produce blocks and bricks with very complex shapes:

  • lego-brick;
  • big-size lego-block;
  • blocks for concrete permanent forms (retained form blocks, permanent shuttering blocks, retained shuttering blocks);
  • we use special technology which allows us to produce on our double-pressing brick making machines blocks with high degree of hollowness (up to 60-65% and higher). It is unique technology and we are the leading company on this market.

“TITAN LEGO” – High Pressure Brick Making Machines Series.

High pressure lego-brick making machine of “TITAN LEGO” series were designed as simple machines for mass market with highest specific pressure factor on the market. We have much higher pressure per 1 brick then our competitors’ machines can produce. For example per one lego-shape brick with dimensions 250*125*65 mm our machines generate around 80 tons of compaction pressure while our competitors’ machines can make not more then 10-15 tons for the same application.

“TITAN H” – High Pressure Brick Making Machines Series.

High pressure brick and block making machines of TITAN H series have simple  and proven design.  They are produced by our company for more then 15 years and our clients use them for following applications:

  • wall bricks production;
  • paving bricks production (two-layers colored bricks can be produced with this technology);
  • curbstones production.

High pressure brick making machines of TITAN H series have simple and proven design and they their pros and cons.


  • can produce two-layers paving bricks.


  • lower geometrical repeatability and usually a little lower quality of bricks.
  • client must buy pallets for using with these machines.