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TITAN High-Pressure Brick and Block Machines

Our company produces equipment for brick manufacturing using high-pressure compaction. Compaction pressures usually are really high – more than 250 kgs/cm2. The process of compaction under such high pressures called ‘hyperpressing’. Hydraulic presses for brick and block production according to such a technology are called ‘Hyperpresses’.

We offer a wide range of high-pressure machines for the production of facing bricks, façade tiles, chipped decorative bricks, paving slabs, and other products made of concrete and with the usage of other binders.  TITAN MACHINERY company is the owner of the brand “HYPERPRESS”, under which we produce a large number of different equipment.

Our company produces a wide range of production lines starting from mini-plants for brick making and finishing with fully-automated high-output equipment for the large brickworks including robotic stacking equipment and advanced automation systems.

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More Information on TITAN Brick Machines

High-pressure brick making machines of TITAN ‘S’ series have a relatively simple and reliable design. Brick machines of the TITAN ‘S’ series are single-direction hydraulic presses with the lower position of the master cylinder and high-speed cylinders. The upper puncheon is integrated into the movable material cart. This design is very effective and it can help to achieve an unprecedented forming speed.

Within the framework of this design principle, we developed both small but very fast machines of the 80th series that are suitable for the production of facing bricks using Portland cement as the binding material and large brick presses of the 900th series, which are mainly used for the production of sand-lime bricks.

The high-pressure brick machines of TITAN ‘S’ series are among the most reliable brick machines produced by us. We produce mostly large high-pressure brick and block machines, but in the last few years, in response to the market demand for simple but high-quality machines for the production of bricks, we have created this series of presses.

TITAN ‘D’ high-pressure brick making machines represent hydraulic pressing machines which are based on the principle of symmetric pressing with mutual approaching rams (double pressing machines). This technology ensures the best mixture compaction at the moment.

There are several main technical features of this design:

  1. Two groups of cylinders – both top and bottom cylinders are used.
  2. Two groups of cylinders generate the same force.
  3. Mold pressing is carried out by means of application of the same force both on the top and on the bottom of the product.
  4. Additional high-speed cylinders are used to speed up the movement of main cylinders.

Double pressing high-pressure brick making machines are specifically recommended by us for the manufacturing of big hollow products where there is the biggest effect based on the advantages of double pressing for mixture compression. All TITAN ‘D’ series brick pressing machines nicely meet the task for the mold pressing of complex shape products: lego-brick, lego-block, high hollowed brick for permanent formwork (Winbrick). Specifically, we would like to dwell on the unique capabilities of our pressing machines related to the manufacturing of high hollow products (like Winbrick). We could solve problems connected with the compaction of products with the hollowness higher than 60-65%.

TITAN ‘F’ series high-pressure brick-making machines have a floating matrix that ensures raw materials compaction which is, in fact, almost identical by its characteristics to classical symmetrical pressing with mutual approaching rams. Master cylinder and high-speed cylinders are arranged at the top; stationary mating punch is at the bottom. The matrix has its own drive that provides both pressing-out while formwork removal and movement to position for matrix filling in with raw materials.

High-pressure brick making machines with the floating matrix are used mainly while manufacturing silica bricks, refractory bricks, and other materials. Good quality of raw materials compaction and relatively high operational speed are the key benefits of this design.

High-pressure brick and tile making machines of TITAN ‘B’ series are a unique proposal on the market at the moment.  The design of these machines is protected by several patents.

TITAN ‘B’ tile machines can produce big size two-layer tiles. For decorative upper layer more high-end materials can be used while the lower layer can be made of cheap materials. Air evacuation can be completed during compression together with water infiltration.

TITAN ‘B’ double-action presses can produce tiles with different thicknesses without changing the mold and dosing bin by simple readjustment of the feeding height using PLC control. 

TITAN ‘B’ high-pressure tile making machines can be used for large flooring and facade tiles manufacturing.

TITAN ‘W-series’ high-pressure tile making machines are one-side pressing machines with the top arrangement of the master cylinder and high-speed cylinders. Other design features of these pressing machines are:

  1. Utilizing of so-called ‘wet-concrete’ technology.
  2. Mold pressing is carried out on the lower fixed puncheon which is covered with filtering material.
  3. Discharge must be made on the pallet (steel, ceramic, or plastic one).
  4. It is possible to produce two-layered products with the special modification of this machine.

TITAN ‘W-series’ high-pressure tile making machines are simple and proven pressing machines for forming concrete roofing tiles, terrazzo tile, paving slab, curbstones. Such pressing machines have a simpler design which gives advantages – the possibility to produce two-layered products and weaknesses – the necessity of pallets and the second-best quality of products.

Choose the right model of the brick or block making machine for your application

Exterior Facade Tile ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●      
Facing Brick ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●      
Solid Brick ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●    
Hollow Brick ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●    
Winbrick – Brick With High Void to Fill Ratio     ● ●  ●      
Block 390*190*150 мм        ●    
Ceramic Brick   ●    ●       
Ceramic Block   ●    ●       
Sand-Lime Brick ● ●   ● ●   ● ●    
Sand-Lime Block  ●    ●    ●    
Lego-Brick     ● ● ● ● ●    
Lego-Block 390x195x190           
Partition Panel  ●     ●       
Paving Tile ●   ●      
High Firebrick              
Salt Briquette             
Concrete Roofing Tile              ●
Terrazzo Tile        ●      ●

Brick and Block Machines Classifications

The main types of pressing equipment produced by our company with an explanation related to the principle of operation of the presses and general information.
Design of the Main Pressing MachineSingle-Action Pressing with a lower position of the main pressing cylinder Double-Action Pressing Simmetric with Mutually Approaching RamsDouble-Action Pressing with Floating Table Filtering Pressing (Wet Concrete)Double-Action Blotter Pressing with Two Layers (wet and dry).
Notes related to the compression typeClassic SchemeClassic SchemeClassic SchemeOriginal SchemeOriginal and Patent Protected Scheme
Technological PalletsNoNoNoYesDepends on Tile Thickness
AdvantagesHigh Speed. Good Accuracy.  Overall Simplicity. High Products’ Quality. It is possible to produce interlocking bricks and blocks.High Products’ Quality. It is possible to produce interlocking bricks and blocks.The best compression quality. It is possible to produce big tiles.The best compression quality.  It is possible to produce big tiles with two layers. No need for water draining. 
DrawbacksIt is impossible to produce interlocking bricks and blocks. Larger Investment.Unmolding can be affected when highly-adhesive materials used.Technological Pallets needed.Larger Investment.
Hollow Bricks and BlocksYesYesYesNoYes
Hollow Bricks and Blocks with Closed BottomYesYesNoNoYes
Interlocking Blocks and BricksNoYesYesNoYes
Big Size TilesNoYesNoYesYes


Product Code

Press Coding
 TITANCompression ForceSeriesModification   
 TITAN80SH – ‘High’ – for high blocks and panels   
  240DR – ‘Refractory’ – for firebricks   
  400FRM – ‘Refractory Mandrell’ – for firebricks with big holes    
  600WM – ‘Mandrel’ – for moving mandrel   
  900DBS – ‘Salt’ – for salt briquettes    
  1300 C – ‘Ceramic’ – for ceramic bricks   
  2000 *other options are possible   
Coding ExampleTITAN600FR TITAN press with 600 ton-force with floating table design for firebrick manufacturing  

Our Suppliers

We use components only from trusted suppliers!

  • Proportional Hydraulics – Hengli, Bosh-Rexroth, Parker;
  • Oil Pumps – PV series Yeoshe (Taiwan), Parker (Germany), Yuken (Japan);
  • Electrical Components – Schneider;
  • Power Supplies – Mean Well;
  • Linear Motion Sensors – Senspro;
  • Pressure Sensors – Wika;
  • HID Interface – Weinview;
  • Control System – based on Siemens controller;
  • Electric Motors – Siemens;
  • Piping – DIN 3865/DIN EN ISO 8434-4;
  • Hydraulic Valves – standard ISO 4401.

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