Do you need a repair or modernization of your hydraulic press?

Our company repairs and modernizes hydraulic presses and equipment associated with them

Modernization of hydraulic presses.

Our company performs complex works on the modernization of large hydraulic presses. We aim to work with each client individually, considering your particular needs and the peculiarities of your business while making our calculations.

Modernization of hydraulic presses performed by specialists of our company will allow you to achieve the following effects:

  • Increased unit performance;
  • Increased production automation;
  • Reduced maintenance costs;
  • Reduced noise and waste;
  • Optimization of the equipment control process;
  • Increased unit service life.

We perform the following repair works for hydraulic presses:

  • Replacement of hydraulic lines, fittings, sealants;
  • Manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders of any size and type;
  • Cleaning of valves, reservoirs, lines;
  • Replacement of control systems with writing necessary software;
  • Replacement of damaged or worn out parts;
  • Full reconstruction of the hydraulic system with the replacement of hydropower stations;
  • Updating the functionality of the presses;
  • Increasing the capacity of the press equipment;

Automation of press equipment.

Our company performs the following work on the production automation based on hydraulic presses:

  • Installation of new control systems with writing the necessary software;
  • Further equipping of presses with motion sensors and smart hydraulic systems with feedback in order to increase positioning accuracy;
  • Installation of automatic stackers with their alignment to the general control system of the manufacturing process;
  • Installation of automatic control systems for raw material dosing and control of its humidity and temperature;
  • Integration of pressing equipment into the general control system of the SCADA manufacturing process;
  • Equipment of control systems with modules for remote access via the Internet.

Manufacturing of molds.

When modernizing production, it should be usually modified to manufacture new types of products. Thus, the manufacturing of new molds is required. Our company will make up a set of documents for you and manufacture precise and wear-resistant molds according to them.

In which cases do you need to modernize hydraulic presses?

To date, the industry uses many powerful hydraulic presses. Many of them were manufactured at a time when there were no efficient hydraulic components and industrial automation systems. As a rule, the mechanical part of such presses is made with a great safety margin and has a sufficient resource margin.

Large presses with an efficient configuration in many cases can be beneficially modernized, although a detailed inspection of their technical condition with a comprehensive calculation of all costs related to modernization or repair of such presses is needed in any case.

It’s more difficult to achieve a positive economic impact in the case of the repair and reconstruction of small presses. Besides, reconstruction of presses with a configuration that doesn’t meet the required tasks likely won’t be successful

Modern requirements for hydraulic presses

  • Minimum energy consumption per unit of manufactured products;
  • High productivity achieved by the work cycle minimization;
  • Equipment suitability with industry and regional safety standards;
  • High level of automation;
  • Low noise level and absence of harmful emissions;
  • Availability and standardization of spare parts;
  • High performance of electrical and hydraulic systems;
  • Hydraulic system leakproofness;
  • Opportunity of remote configuration and monitoring of indicators via the Internet;

The main work stages

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