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Our spheres of competence

Design of hydraulic presses.

The design of non-standard machines (non-standard machine engineering) is one of the most important areas in the global economy.

World-class talented engineers work at Titan Machinery company. Our specialists develop a broad range of equipment for the production of construction materials and waste disposal.

We develop complex machinery for different spheres of application. Besides, our specialists fully control the whole project, from the development of the technical requirement to the installation, training, and commissioning of equipment.

We use the most advanced 3D modeling systems and make complex strength calculations. Our customers can rest assured that all of our projects will be implemented according to the highest industry standards.

Our machinery and equipment design unit has extensive experience as we mainly specialize in the development of non-standard hydraulic and mechanical presses, equipment for the production of construction materials (cement plants, brick and block plants, etc.), equipment for the industrial and municipal waste disposal (waste sorting plants, waste incineration plants with heat and power generation, industrial waste recycling plants).

Modernization of hydraulic presses.

Our company carries out a set of works on the modernization of existing presses with the replacement of obsolete hydraulic components with more energy-efficient, reliable and modern components and units.

Besides, we replace hydraulic press control systems with user-friendly and very flexible solutions based on Siemens industrial controllers.

In the modernization process, we can additionally manufacture new hydraulic cylinders of big size, change sealants, repair or replace hydraulic pumps, as well as manufacture new molds of any complexity.

Repair of hydraulic presses.

Our company repairs heavy-weight hydraulic presses both designed by our company and third-party manufacturers as well.

Our qualified specialists are ready to travel anywhere in the world upon your request.

Besides, we are ready to provide you with our subscription service and perform ongoing repairs and maintenance of your equipment.

Design of electrical systems for hydraulic presses.

    • electronics,
    • energy,
    • control systems,
    • engineering of radio-electronic systems,
    • signal processing,
    • electric appliances,
    • microelectronics.

Design of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

We target our experience and aspiration towards mastering modern technology in order to improve the lives of people around the globe.

Our company has extensive experience in developing the most advanced hydraulic and pneumatic projects.

We are ready to take on projects associated with the following things:

  • Hydraulic presses.
  • Hydropower stations.
  • Development of non-standard hydraulic circuits.
  • Manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders.

Our company cooperates with such world leaders in industrial hydraulics as Parker Hannifin, Bosh Rexroth, Hengli, Huade, Yuken, etc.

We help you solve the most difficult tasks associated with the design of hydraulic and pneumatic systems!


We carry out research and development works both individually and in cooperation with universities in Europe and China. Together with leading scientists, we are developing technologies that are applied for more efficient production of construction materials, industrial and municipal solid waste disposal.

Our equipment saves energy and valuable resources.

Our suppliers

For the equipment design, we use only components from the best global manufacturers!

  • Hengli, Bosh-Rexroth, Parker proportional hydraulics;
  • Variable capacity pumps of the PV series from Yeoshe (Taiwan) or Parker (Germany);
  • Control system based on Siemens controller;
  • Schneider electrical components;
  • Mean Well power units;
  • Senspro linear motion sensors;
  • Wika pressure sensors;
  • Weinview big size operator touch-pad;
  • Siemens electrical motors;
  • Pipe couplings according to DIN 3865/DIN EN ISO 8434-4;
  • We use only standard hydraulics according to ISO 4401.

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