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 General Information


Brief Description:

Our company manufactures press equipment for various industries. Recently, we have developed a press for producing road and sidewalk curbstones using the press-filtering method of liquid concrete mixture. This production method offers significant advantages as it results in extremely strong products with a uniform distribution of the mixture throughout the volume of the curbstones. The press-filtering technology opens up new horizons and allows for the production of curbstones comparable to natural granite curbstones in terms of strength and frost resistance. Curbstones produced using press-filtering have a significantly longer service life compared to those produced using dry pressing technology (vibration presses, hyper presses) due to their higher density and fewer pores within the structure of the product. This type of curbstones is especially recommended for use in climatic zones with a high number of freezing/thawing cycles.

To achieve a premium appearance, our company utilizes specialized polishing lines that reveal the structure of artificial stone and simulate the appearance of polished natural granite curbstones.

Here are the key technical characteristics of the production line based on the TITAN 800WC:

  1. TITAN 800WC can simultaneously produce two standard road curbstones with dimensions of 1000x300x180 mm.
  2. Cycle time: 80 seconds.
  3. Productivity: 90 curbstones (90 linear meters) per hour.
  4. Recommended composition of the molding mixture per one road curbstones with dimensions of 1000x350x200 mm:
    • Sand: 31 kg
    • Fine aggregate (3-5 mm): 110 kg
    • Cement (PC400): 37 kg
    • Drinking water: up to a relative humidity of 20%. *The composition and proportions of the mixture components may vary depending on the type of raw materials.
  5. Installed power of all consumers in the production line: 200 kW.
  6. Installed power of the TITAN 800WC press: 30 kW.
  7. Estimated electricity consumption: 100 kW/h.
  8. The line is equipped with a polishing machine that allows for polishing three sides of the curbstones.
  9. The production line comes with a set of consumables (polishing materials, formwork release agent, etc.) and spare parts for one year of operation.

Please note that these specifications are approximate and may vary based on specific requirements and conditions.

TITAN curbstone making machines’ advantages:

  • The mechanical part of TITAN 800WC curbstone machines is built in a relatively simple way that makes easy maintenance and setup.
  • TITAN 800WC series pressing machines are very tough and can work in difficult environmental conditions.
  • TITAN 800WC series pressing machines are capable to manufacture a very wide range of products
  • TITAN 800WC pressing machines have plenty of software protection locks.  The operator does not need to put his hands inside the pressing work area due to the clever design of the pressing machines and its full automation.
  • Pressing machines are PLC controlled and provide fully automatic operation mode.
  • High productivity. Modification of TITAN 800WC pressing machine provides productivity at the level of up to 550 meters of curbstones per 8-hour shift.
  • High pressing force. TITAN 800WC pressing machine provides a big pressing force – about 600 ton-forces. Such pressing force is more than sufficient to manufacture very strong curbstones.
  • TITAN WC series pressing machines provide the high accuracy of products.
  • Excellent quality of finished products.
  • Innovations in design. There is a lot of innovations in TITAN 800WC design which makes it a unique machine on the market;
  • Versatility. You can produce many kinds of curbstones and pressing machine readjustment will take only a few minutes. 




Our Suppliers



We use components only from trusted suppliers!


  • Proportional Hydraulics – Hengli, Bosh-Rexroth, Parker;
  • Oil Pumps – PV series Yeoshe (Taiwan), Parker (Germany), Yuken (Japan);
  • Electrical Components – Schneider;
  • Power Supplies – Mean Well;
  • Linear Motion Sensors – Senspro;
  • Pressure Sensors – Wika;
  • HID Interface – Weinview;
  • Control System – based on Siemens controller;
  • Electric Motors – Siemens;
  • Piping – DIN 3865/DIN EN ISO 8434-4;
  • Hydraulic Valves – standard ISO 4401.




 Technical Specifications  – TITAN 800WC


  • Main frame.

    Four-pillar with steel casting beams or welded.

  • Pressing.

    Single-action pressing with filtration.

  • Pressing force.

    Up to 600  ton-force.

  • Dosing unit.


  • Valves.

    Discrete directional.

  • Upon special request can be equipped with:

    • Molds with high wear-resistant lining (tungsten carbide);
    • Chiller based cooling system;
    • Punch heating system.
tile machine
  • Main drive power.

    30 KW.

    *Depends on the main oil pump installed.

  • Recycling time.

    Starts from 80 seconds.

  • Control system.


  • Production capacity.

    Up to 2-3 tiles per minute. 

    *Standard tiles in standard conditions.

  • Pressing area.

    1000×800 mm.

    *Press can have modifications with the bigger pressing area.


  TITAN 800WC – The Scope Of Application


For modular tile making plants.

TITAN 800WC series curbstone presses are recommended for making high-quality curbstones manufacturing using Portland cement and other binding materials. In some cases, modifications of TITAN 800WC curbstone presses can be used for the production of curbstones.  TITAN 800WC high-pressure curbstone presses have the following advantages:

  1. High performance;
  2. Reliability;
  3. Operation simplicity;
  4. A broad range of press molds;
  5. High-quality bricks and tiles;
  6. Full automation;
  7. Relatively low investment.

For mini tile making plants.

TITAN 800WC curbstone pressing machines are relatively low-cost, but at the same time, our clients do not need to sacrifice manufacturing capability and quality of finished products. TITAN 800WC high-pressure curbstone making machines are great to use on the arrangement of mini tile making plants and have the following advantages in this case:

  • Reliability;
  • Perfect mixture compaction;
  • The simplicity of operation;
  • Simplicity in formula selection for raw materials;
  • Fully-automatic operation;
  • Versatility (wide range of different including molds including different curbstones, e.t.c.);
  • Better product quality compared to all known technologies;
  • High press performance;
  • Relatively small investments.


TITAN 800WC Curbstone Making Machine Video.


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