In the new 2020 model year, our company launches a new series of presses for sand-lime brick production.

The product line will include both single-action high-performance presses of the ‘TITAN S’ series and updated presses of the ‘TITAN D’ series.

We consider as the most significant event launching of a completely new TITAN 900S press, which is intended for the mass production of sand-lime brick and sand-lime blocks. The TITAN 900S press is capable of producing up to 10,000 standard bricks per hour. There is a large number of innovations applied in the design of the press:

  1. The TITAN 900S brick press utilizes servo drives for the feeder carriage, which will ensure fast and accurate positioning of the carriage.
  2. The TITAN 900S brick press uses a new design of the raw materials feeding system with a servo drive, which will provide the most accurate and smooth adjustment in frequency and amplitude of movements.
  3. In the TITAN 900S sand-lime brick press, we completely redesigned hydraulic circuit, which now provides high energy efficiency and flexibility in settings.
  4. The new design of the press drastically eases the maintenance process.
  5. The hydraulic station is now located next to the actuators, which will reduce the risk of cavitation-induced impact and increase the overall reliability of the system.
  6. We use our new and fast mechanism for molds’ changing, which manifolds reduces the time of reconfiguration of the pressing machine.

The hydraulic sand-lime brick and block making press TITAN 900S is a new page in the history of our company. This press will compete with all well-known European brands in terms of its technological advancements and efficiency.

The product line of double-action calcium-silicate brick presses also has a number of updates. The most important event in this field is appearance of totally redesigned TITAN DH series presses. We have developed a whole series of models with increased cylinder strokes and raw materials filling height for the production of high calcium-silicate blocks, including the currently most popular item – silicate panels for partitions. The TITAN DH series presses can now produce products with a height of 250 mm or more.

* We are also ready to make presses with a higher product height after preliminary evaluation of the technical requirements with the customer.

Double-action presses for high products have received new and even more powerful hydraulic stations and optimized hydraulic circuits to ensure high productivity, energy efficiency and reliability.

All brick presses of the new series are equipped with automatic brick and block stackers based on robotic arms or gantry systems. Our press control systems are now easily integrated into SCADA and they can be remotely monitored and reconfigured via the Internet.