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Our company designs and manufactures different molds both for the press equipment produced by us and for the presses produced by third-party companies.

As usual, companies order molds for the production of the following products:

  • Molds for silicate bricks;
  • Molds for ceramic bricks;
  • Molds for hyper-pressed bricks;
  • Molds for firebricks;
  • Molds for blocks;
  • Molds for paving slabs;
  • Molds for lego bricks;
  • Molds for the lego block;
  • Molds for other products with sizes up to 3000 х 4000 х 900 mm.

We always determine the final design of the mold in close cooperation with our customers. If necessary, we can give contacts of our competent partners in the production segment you are interested in.

We have unique experience in the production of high-quality molds for high-pressure presses!

  • Our company knows the features of molds’ design for high-pressure presses (hyper presses);
  • We design molds for very special spheres of applications. In such cases, we produce molds according to the technology of producing molds for presses that produce firebricks. We use a hard frame that can withstand ultra-high pressures and a cermet lining, which allows us to work with materials with a high content of abrasives (Al2O3, etc.);
  • We produce molds from materials that allow one to work in an aggressive environment.

Our Technologies

Electrical discharge cutting.

Our company has a fleet of EMD units that allow us to cut almost any conductive material, including tungsten carbides, etc.

  • Accuracy of cutting:

We use high-precision EDM units that allow us to achieve production accuracy up to +- 0.003 mm.

  • Steel thicknesses that we can cut:

We have unique technological capabilities that allow us to cut steel with thickness up to 900 mm on EDM machines.

  • Sizes of workpieces that we can cut:

We have unique EDM machines that allow us to cut workpieces with sizes up to 2,000 mm x 3,000 mm.

When processing punches, we use CNC milling machines, thus, we can make free-form textures.

CNC turning.

We use CNC turning machines for the highly precise processing of round parts.

Hard alloys.

We have a unique technology that allows us to produce molds with cermet (hard alloys) lining.

Use of plasma-jet welding.

In some cases, the most reasonable solution is to produce molds with lining plates, which are welded with special powders with their further processing. We use plasma-jet welding with special powders (sormite, stellite, tungsten carbide, etc.).

Use of laser welding.

We use laser welding to weld bars and powders made from hard alloys on the surface of dies and punches.

Laser welding allows not only to produce the new plates but also rapidly repair the molds.

Use of wear-resistant alloys.

We use a broad range of chisel tool steels (including Hardox, Cr12, etc.)

Use of steels’ hardening.

  • Hardening of steels (up to 52-58 HRC);
  • Depth of hardening is 1-1.2 mm.


  • Nitriding (up to 62-68 HRC);
  • Layer depth is up to 0.4 mm.

Titanium plasma spraying.

  • Spraying of ceramic powders (aluminum oxide, etc.) on the walls of molds and punches.

Heated molds.

In order to ensure the detachment of ready-made products from the mold components, we use mold heating.

Angle-wise processing of dies’ walls.

We use tapered walls to improve the process of detachment from the mold.

Why Choose Us

  • High – quality materials. We use the wear-resistant tool steels made by market leaders (SSAB, Buderus, Bühler, Henan Jianhui Construction Machinery Co., etc.)
  • Metal-ceramics lining. We have a unique technology that allows you to manufacture high-quality mould with a metal-ceramics lining, which increases the mould forms’ service life by 10-12 times compared to the best tool steels.
  • Plasma facing. Our company has acquired the technology of powder materials plasma-facing (sormites, stellites, carbides) on a broad range of backings, which can considerably improve material performance without a great cost increase.
  • Precision machining. High production precision (moulds are made with EDM CNC units, punches are made on CNC milling units)
  • High reliability. Our engineers usually create mould forms with multiple margins of safety.
  • Reasonable price. Our company guarantees the best price/quality ratio for mould forms.
  • Long service life. New technologies’ appliance allows us to considerably increase the service life of our mould forms.
  • Maintenance simplicity. Simple replacement of worn – our parts (we can design and produce mould forms, that will have the detachable design. They can be easily repaired by fitting replaceable elements. Examples: replaceable dies (plates on punches), replaceable lining for dies, replaceable blockouts.
  • Own design office. We have skilled engineers who can develop mould form drawings according to customer’s requirement specifications.

Scope Of   Application

Пресс-формы для кирпичей с высокой степенью пустотности.

Нам была поставлена задача производства кирпича особой формы с высокой степенью пустотности. Кирпич должен был применяться для несъёмной опалубки. В качестве сырья использовался отсев известняка с небольшим содержанием SiO2. После того, как нами был проведен первичный анализ проекта мы пришли к выводу о том, что необходимо разработать несколько пресс-форм для различных элементов конструкции – перемычки, углы и пр. Мы сделали трехмерную модель стены с кладкой из основного кирпича и различных доборных элементов, которые были разработаны для удобства использования такого кирпича в составе комплексной системы. После согласования с заказчиком был выполнен комплект чертежей в которых были учтены особенности возникающие при формовании таких изделий с большой площадью соприкосновения к пресс-форме.

Пресс-формы для сейсмоблока с пазогребневым соединением (лего-блок).

После землетрясения в провинции Сычуань к нам обратился клиент, который прорабатывал различные варианты строительства зданий с повышенной сейсмостойкостью. В провинции было запрещено использование обычных блоков для восстановления разрушенных зданий. Нами была разработана пресс-форма для блока сложной формы с высокой степенью пустотности и с надежным замковым соединением по горизонтали типа “лего”. После согласования чертежей с заказчиком мы изготовили пресс-форму для большого двухстороннего пресса с усилием 900 тонно-сил. В процессе проектирования пришлось решить много нестандартных задач связанных прежде всего с необходимостью гарантирования равномерной засыпки в пресс-форму. Пресс-форма была изготовлена и поставлена клиенту. На протяжении срока эксплуатации такой тип пресс-формы показал себя с положительной стороны.

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