Product coding

First Three Letters Decoding Explanation
BRK Brick  
BRL Interlocking Brick (Lego-Brick)  
BLK Concrete Block  
BLL Interlocking Concrete Block (lego-block)  
BLP Partition Block  
CFT Concrete Facade Tile  
PVT Paving Tiles  
CTT Terrazzo Tiles  
CCS Concrete Curbstone  
CRT Concrete Roofing Tiles  
STP Steps  
WST Windowsill   
CBS Complete building systems  
BQS Steel scale briquettes  
BQF Metallurgy briquettes  
BQD Dust briquettes  
BQL Limestone waste briquettes  
BQS Salt briquettes  
BQC Carbonil technology  
FBR Firebrick  
NSP Non-standard products (cannot be classified)  
. Separator A dot is used for separation.
** Two-Letter Country Code  Country code or region code
. Separator A dot is used for separation.
***x***x***(***) Outer dimensions in mm Outer dimensions in mm – (length)x(width)x(height). In case it is possible to produce bricks with a different height in one mold the biggest height can be shown next to the height in brackets (***). 
. Separator A dot is used for separation.
* One-Letter code for the solid product (S) or hollow product (H)  
. Separator A dot is used for separation.
*** Three-Digit Version Code Version in the three-digit format from 000 to 999 is used for the same-size products


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