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General information

Brief description

TITAN ZORG gantry manipulator is developed for working together with our presses in automatic mode.

After refitting with the required gripper set, the automatic stacker can stack the following types of products:

• Facing bricks;

• Regular ceramic bricks;

• Blocks;

• Tiles;

• Lego bricks;

• Lego blocks;

• Other products with dimensions up to 500*500*150 mm.

The carrying capacity of the TITAN ZORG gantry stacker is up to 100 kg.

We equip our stackers with different pneumatic and vacuum grippers for precise and careful removal of products

Advantages of TITAN ZORG gantry manipulators:

  • Affordable price;High carrying capacity;
  • Full integration into the molding area control system;
  • Simplicity. The mechanical part of the Titan ZORG stacker is relatively simple, which facilitates its maintenance and setup.
  • Reliability. The stackers are designed with a big margin of safety. We use reliable frame and mechanical stacker units.
  • Functionality. Titan ZORG stackers allow one to stack lots of different products.
  • Safety. Titan ZORG has many software lockups. Lockups provide safety for workers while the stacker is operating.
  • Automation. The stackers are controlled by a Siemens controller and provide fully automatic operation.
  • Energy efficiency. Our stackers are equipped with advanced energy-efficient components that move the units.
  • High performance. The modification of the stacker with a servo actuator provides a working productivity of up to 1,700 bricks per hour.
  • Accuracy. Thanks to stepper or servo drives, a real-time control of all movements is implemented. The data is displayed on the screen in the form of a coordinate grid.
  • Amazing quality of ready-made products. Products stacked by our stacker have intact bevels and edges. This is achieved due to the absence of the human factor and the precise movements of the Titan ZORG stacker.
  • Innovation. A great number of innovative solutions have been implemented in the construction of the stackers, which ensures their unique characteristics;
  • Versatility. You won’t need much time for readjustment the manipulator.

Our Suppliers

We use components only from trusted suppliers!

  • Proportional Hydraulics – Hengli, Bosh-Rexroth, Parker;
  • Oil Pumps – PV series Yeoshe (Taiwan), Parker (Germany), Yuken (Japan);
  • Electrical Components – Schneider;
  • Power Supplies – Mean Well;
  • Linear Motion Sensors – Senspro;
  • Pressure Sensors – Wika;
  • HID Interface – Weinview;
  • Control System – based on Siemens controller;
  • Electric Motors – Siemens;
  • Piping – DIN 3865/DIN EN ISO 8434-4;
  • Hydraulic Valves – standard ISO 4401.

TITAN ZORG Gantry Stacker Specifications

  • Frame type.

    Welded with finishing.

  • Stacker type.

    Gantry robot (portal manipulator).

  • Drive type.

    Stepper motors or servo motors.

  • Bricks in one row.

     8 pieces.

  • Availability of an accumulation conveyor.

     Yes – accumulation in one row.

  • Number of drives.

     4 pieces.

  • Grippers.

     Quick-detachable adjustable contact blocks.

  • Grippers design.

    On a lightweight aluminum frame from a Bosch-Rexroth modular profile system (or similar).

  • Grippers type.

    Pneumatic with adjustable pressing force.

  • Design of pneumatic grippers.


Titan brick machine stacker
  • Air pressure.

    0.4 – 0.6 MPa.

  • Air consumption.

    1 nm3/hour.

  • Drive power.

    9 kW.

  • Cycle time.

    Depends on the drive power and the loading scheme – 7-10 seconds.

  • Control system.

    Computer-based on Siemens PLC.

  • Movement control.

    Absolute or incremental encoder. Availability of the “Home” position.

  • External dimensions.

    5350x3060x3430 mm.

    * The stacker can be modified according to the client’s needs.

  • Performance.

     Up to 5000 nominal bricks per hour.

  • Optional equipment:

    • Compressor;
    • Air preparation system.
  • Approach system.

    Using strain gauges.

Gantry manipulators’ sphere of application

Automatic stackers for modular brick factories.

Titan ZORG automatic stackers are used to stack products on a pallet for further transportation and processing. The stacker works together with Titan presses. The stacker is controlled from the touch screen of the main control board of the press. A user-friendly and convenient software interface allows the user to easily adjust the unit without the help of the workers from our customer service department.

Automatic stackers for brick mini-factories.

TITAN ZORG brick stackers provide the highest quality of ready-made products with high productivity. Our brick loaders are perfect for the organization of mini-factories and have the following advantages:

  1. Reliability;
  2. User-friendliness;
  3. A broad range of grippers for a large number of products;
  4. High-quality bricks and tiles;
  5. High performance;
  6. Full automation;
  7. Relatively small investment.

Stackers for waste briquetting plants.

Our stackers can be used for briquetting different materials:

  1. Briquetting of iron and steel production waste with scale formation;
  2. Briquetting of iron and steel briquettes.

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